Scanner Circuits

LED Scanner Circuit - ElectroSchematics

Here is a simple LED chaser simulating a scanner through the back and forth light effect. It used high bright White LEDs to give the chaser effect.

Mobile Scanner Circuit - ElectroSchematics

Here is a device to locate the mobile phone. It emits intermittent flashes and beeps to indicate the presence of an active mobile phone.

Sound Scanner Circuit Diagram - Engineers Garage

This sound scanner circuit will scan the sound vibration present near the vicinity and convert them into audible sound or beeps to alert you.

Working of Scanner - Electronic Circuits and Diagram-Electronics

A scanner is a device that is used for producing an exact digital image replica of a photo, text written in paper, or even an object.

Scanner - Block Diagrams, Reference Designs

Scanners vary greatly in several basic ways: scan speed, bit resolution, and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). There are tradeoffs to each of these parameters.

Barcode Scanner - Block Diagrams, Reference Designs

Barrcode scanner is used in retail to scan barcodes on products for identification

Interpolating Scanner Circuit - Don Tillman

This is an original design for an interpolating scanner, a circuit with a number of signal inputs, a control voltage input and a signal output.




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